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Bridal Lehenga Choli – The Most Favorable and Attractive Wedding Attire

A wedding is a memorable event, not only for the bride and for groom, but also for their families, who are connected together at such an occasion. Brides are an important part of such a function and thus, they need to have a special look as they form the center of attraction of the whole function. Nowadays, Lehenga Choli is the most preferred and traditional attire of the bride.

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Bridal Lehenga Choli Collection

Traditional Lehengas

The origin of the lehengas can be linked to Gujarat and Rajasthan, before the Mughal takeover, which gave this beautiful piece of clothing a royal look. This dress has gained very popularity since that time, primarily due to the royalty of the dress and the grace of the women who wore it attracted more to try out such types of dresses.

In earlier times, lehenga cholis were made of only silk or chiffon type clothes. However, nowadays the textile industrialists have introduced a lot of variety of clothes in the market. Introduction of such new varieties of clothes adds largely to the volume and the variety of the dress. But still, the lehenga choli dress has been the most chosen and widely preferred choice of the brides to wear for the weddings and such types of important functions.

From the ancient times to nowadays, the advent of industrial technologies in textile field has beautified the styling of the lehengas to a large extent. Instead of the heavy lehengas being worn by the older women, brides in today world prefer lightweight lehengas. The cholis have also undergone a lot more changes than that worn before. They are now designed with heavy embroideries using various other heavy materials like thread work, metal or sequins. The arms of the choli also underwent a drastic change, from simple arms to highly embroidered arms. The lehengas, a special type of skirt has come up with a huge elegance stylish looks, which makes the bride look similar to a queen.

Apart from the variety of clothes used in the dress material, there has been an introduction of many types of styles and cuts that further improve the beauty of the dress and the bride wearing such a dress.

Some of the Famous Styles and Cuts of the Dress

There has been an introduction of many varieties of styles of lehengas and cholis to be worn on special occasions, out of which a few are quite famous even nowadays. A few are discussed below:

  • Panelled Lehengas: This type of style comes with various panels that have been stitched together along with the lehengas. With a variety of the colors of panels available for this style, it provides a glow and glare to the bride wearing it.
  • Straght Cut Lehengas: Flowing down in a parallel manner with the body of the bride, this style is also among the favorites of a bride, providing a slim body look.
  • Fishtail or Mermaid: This style has a fitting at waist with an opening at the bottom.
  • Circular: The style preferred by thin bridescomes with a lot of pleats on the waistline that provide a large volume to the lehengas.