Blouse Back Neck Designs – Designs Making a Woman Decent Attraction

blouse front designs 2013

From the traditional times, the dresses of Indian women have been an attraction to the most of the world’s eyes. Saree, a six-yard long piece of women garment, has been known for ruling the hearts of millions of people for over centuries. Sarees nowadays have transformed a lot from those traditional dresses to designer piece of clothing that has been making women more attractive in looks, giving them a sexier look, while, also covering their modesty in order to keep them connected to the older traditions.

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Blouse Back Neck Designs

The Blouse

The blouse is an important part of the designer as well as traditional Indian sarees that cover the upper portion of the body of the women. This part of the clothing comes in the shape of a short sized tank top shirt with a fitting making the women look more attractive. Among the various parts of the saree, this part is the only one that is stitched and thus, can be varied in style by the number of designers working for this purpose today.

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Blouse front neck design

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Styles of the Blouse

In general, where traditional women always prefer fully covered front and back blouses for a decent look. While, on the other hand, women of today’s generation love to wear deep cut designer blouses with their sarees, that tend to show a lot of skin to others for a sexier look to attract more number of eyes towards them. In between these two types of blouses, can come a lot of varieties for blouses of women that can be designed to suit the requirements of all types of women.

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saree blouse front neck designs

The neck of the blouse as preferred by women nowadays is the deep type that most of the women like to wear to show off more and more, while the traditional women still like the blouses to cover their modesty and give a more decent look.

.blouse  front neck designs

The back of the blouse is another important factor, which helps in deciding a variety of designs for the women to wear according to their requirements. It can be of the variety of fully covered back for the women who do not want to show off. On the other hand, there is a variety of deep back necks for those who want to show off their neckline.

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A special attention towards the color of the blouse is given as according to the tone of the skin. Some of the best designs have patterns and designs at the back and the neck to suit the saree color and design.

  • Designer Blouses having halter necks and noodle straps are the common one with a variety in designs.
  • Normal Blouses are meant for everyday use, having covered front with U-shaped or round backs giving a sensual and graceful look of the wearer.
  • modern blouse
  • blouse front designs 2013
  • latest halter neck r blouse
  • Another common one is AirHostess Blouse, with covered back but openable front with buttons or hooks. Due to its graceful appearance, it has become a favorite among Indian women.
  • Sleeveless designs are of great comfort in summer that comes with different neck and embroidered backs.
  • Last are the backless blouses with varying sleeve sizes, which are worn with zari and gotta work for a traditional look.

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