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Georgette Sarees Display Charm And Versatility


Georgette Sarees Display Charm And Versatility Sarees are considered as the most desired outfit in Indian wear. It has marked its presence emphatically in both traditional and contemporary fashion world. Saree is a stunning statement outfit, be it any occasion. It equips the woman with elegance and grace. With a plethora of sarees available today, you have the option of choosing the fabric and design that suits you best. Georgette is undoubtedly one of the most popular fabrics for a saree. kareena-kapoor-red-faux-georgette-saree-bollywood-sari peach-satin-saree-amisha-patel-celebrity-closet-sari Georgette sareees Georgette is a crepe fabric that is light in weight, pure, and dull finished. It hails its name after a renowned dressmaker from early 20th century France, Georgette de la Plante. It is initially made from silk that is later polyester blended. In the contemporary world, georgette is made of synthetic filament yarns. It is tabby woven and similar to other crepes, it requires highly twisted yarns in its making. The alternate S- and Z- twist yarns create its distinguished crinkly surface. The fabric is often used to make dresses, blouses, trimmings, sarees and more. pure georgette sarees georgette sarees latest georgette sarees for wedding Designer Georgette Sarees Designer sarees and blouses can really spoil a woman. She will get all the attention she deserves. A designer saree blouse that can complement the personality of the wearer portrays true beauty. A georgette saree is designed to be worn by a woman on special occasions. You can become the talk of the town with a perfectly chosen saree. You can get loads of complements and appreciation adorning the designer georgette silk sarees. The fabric offers softness, sheer and is flowy for the making of a gorgeous saree and blouse. latest designer georgette sarees designer georgette sarees collection Faux georgette saree  : is also a rage among younger generation. It is a great choice of outfit to bridge the gap between the traditional values and contemporary thinking in Indian wear. The faux georgette saree is commonly used more than pure silk fabric. Moreover, being faux, it does not take a toll on your pocket. The material is light and airy, thus an apt outfit for summeLr wear. georgette sarees online shopping latest designer georgette sarees Georgette sarees latest: The designer saree blouse design has undergone a modest change. The blouses of old either had a 3/4 sleeve or were long to cover the arm length. With the intervention of the designers inspired by the western culture, the trend has changed completely. Backless blouses, back open gaudy cholis, and back baring blouses are considered chic in the present times. The back open designer cholis comes equipped with padding that makes it easy to wear. designer georgette sarees fancy georgette sarees Georgette bridal sarees sarees has taken the ramp with style. Women choose this fabric to become a part of their special day. It looks great with embellishments such as mirror work, sequins, crystals, beads, stones, and ravishing embroidery. Georgette has become a rage among the brides and their wedding sarees. georgette bollywood sarees Girl-gang-Maria-Goretti-Mini-Mathur in designer saree Georgette party wear sarees sarees wear saree is a head turner. A well-draped georgette saree complements all body types. The softness of the material gives you an option of experimenting with various draping styles. You can become a proud owner of a lavish designer party wear saree in georgette. You can find a georgette saree in all the colours of the rainbow.


indian designer georgette sarees georgette sarees collection

Back Less Saree Blouses

Back Less Saree Blouses

Young Girls and boys try to imitate their favorite star and start wearing the same clothes as worn by them. They wear what they see on the screen. Trendy and designer dresses become a rage and are worn by most of the cinema viewers. You can relate the instance to both the Bollywood and Hollywood. Young girls and boys are seen wearing the clothes, which are as per the latest fashion, and no doubt, they look quite trendy also. Below are mentioned some of the invaluable features of the backless saree blouses and how they changed completely from the sleeves to the backless version.

Back less Saree blouses: – The latest facet of the Sleeve blouses

Saree blouses are known round the globe for their style and elegance. They have gone a number of changes in the past many years. In the past the saree blouses used to come will full sleeves as well as with .75% sleeves .These days people are far more conscious regarding their looks and this is why they wear everything after they have inquired about it in detail. The latest version of the saree blouses is the designer backless blouses, which mainly started in the western culture but have engulfed whole of the world. The other names or types are back open fancy cholis, bareback blouses and back-less blouses. There can be subtle difference among all the three but the essence is same of the bare back.  Most of the expensive designs come with the padding inside to enhance the comfort level of the piece. In addition, these additions help the cholis and blouses to be worn with the ease.

Again, the backless blouses became a hit in many countries because of the heroines of both Hollywood and Bollywood started the trend. Actresses wore them in many films to have a sensual appearance which is demanded by the character. You could imagine the amount of temperament change people of the Asian and Gulf countries underwent that changed the form of the blouse from the sleeves to the sleeve less and even backless.  After seeing their favorite stars, wearing these designer pieces many young girls started wearing them for every type of occasion.

  • The backless blouses are considered fit for every occasion. Whether it is wedding, celebration party, birthday party or any type of occasion professional or personal the backless blouses will go with the theme of the occasion.


  • These blouses gave the new dimension to the traditional blouses and are known for the revealing aspect they give to the actresses and other heroines.


  •   You will get a complete segment of designs and patterns in them. You can buy the halter, strappy off-shoulder, strapless, backless and many other designs are available in them.



  • A wide range of accessories is used to embellish them. Swarovski, gotta, zari and many other embroidered work can be found on the whole piece or on the borders to give a new dimension to the whole piece.

Indian Saree Designers

bipsabasu in neeta lula saree

Indian Saree Designers Growing In Popularity

Clothing in India is largely dependent on the cultural traditions, climatic conditions, geography, and way of life of the natives of that region. Historical evolution of men and women’s clothing comes from loincloths used to wrap the body to highly structured costumes used for both daily wear and special occasions. India hails great variety in terms of material, colours, weaves, and fibers of clothing. The people of India also follow specific colour coding based on their religion and concerned rituals. Among the amazing array of clothing options, the saree that is still considered the most graceful outfit for women.

The women’s clothing in India is largely dependent on three factors, religion, culture, and climate. Saree is the traditional Indian clothing for women. Saree can be defined as a long piece of colourful unstitched cloth draped over a blouse. There is an array of styles to tie a saree. The most frequently used style is where you wrap the saree around the waist. One end of the saree is hung over the shoulder exposing the midriff. The saree is mostly adorned over a petticoat. There is a plethora of designs for sarees available for women. The credit goes to the various saree designers working hard to keep the interest of the Indian women alive in this traditional outfit. They blend the traditional saree with contemporary designs to produce unique new styles. The saree is an extremely flexible outfit. It brings forth a plethora of Indian fashion designers to design the latest styles in sarees.

When it comes to Indian saree designers, many names crop up in the fashion market. The most renowned in the fashion industry are Manish Malhotra, Neeta Lulla, and Sabyasachi Mukherjee. They are well known for their collection of designer sarees and other clothing’s. Following is a peek in the life of these globally renowned fashion designers.

Manish Malhotra sarees

Manish Malhotra is renowned for his designs in the Indian fashion industry. His knowledge in this field is incomparable. A British citizen by origin, he has been a regular face in the Indian film industry. His ability to foresee a look for the character earned him high regard in the Indian film industry. He has designed for a multitude of cine stars in both Bollywood and Hollywood.


manish malhotra lehenga in amisha

celebrities in manish malhotra lehenga

shriya in manish sareedesigner party saree

Neeta Lulla sarees

Neeta Lulla is India’s unbeaten fashion stylist, costume designer, and couturier. Her work in the field of fashion has won her an array of awards. She has won many fashion designer awards in India and abroad for her excellent feat in fashion styling and designing. Her career in the Indian fashion industry has brought her fame and recognition worldwide.

bipsabasu in neeta lula saree




neeta lulla bridal sarees



deepika-padukone in neeta lulla saree

Sabyasachi Mukherjee

A noted fashion stylist and designer hailing from Kolkata, Sabyasachi Mukherjee has given the Indian fashion industry a new outlook for sarees. He believes the uniqueness of the Indian fashion designers is because of the rich cultural heritage of his homeland. He is a renowned face in the Indian film industry.

All the above noted designers are known for their unique saree designs. The efforts put in by them in saree designing have made this traditional outfit a rage not only in India but also throughout the world.


sabyasachi saree blouse

vidya balan in sabya sachi saree

sridevi in designer saree

deepika in sabyasachi saree