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Embroidery blouse designs

Embroidery blouse designs :a new age fashion trend

For a woman, fashion is an art; and by means of it, she reflects her expressions. A woman

embraces her dignity, preferences and individualism through her singular fashion statement.

Thus, definition of being chic and stylish differs from person to person. However, with the

gradual changes in global fashion platform, fresh experiments are arriving in the spectrum and

are expanding the horizons.

As women are more open today, to sport diverse stylization with their attires, fashion is paving

ways to flourish. But, somehow, there are some conventional elements that have become integral

parts of fashion since quite a long time. Embroidery is one of the smartest approaches that the

fashion designers are taking up constantly to enhance their creativity.

Embroidery designs play a vital role when a designer is looking up to import a striking feature

for the outfit. Earlier it was handmade embroidery stitches that dominate the fashion parade but

today smartest designs are leading the floor. Irrespective of oriental and continental fashion

trends Embroidery is always a dear element for the fashion freaks.

Most interestingly, the traditional way of wearing embroidered attires do not fade away from the

scene. Rather having embroidery in blouses is still too much in vogue. Blouses are the key player

in converting your overall advent. Due to the fresh blouse appearances and silhouettes

predominant in the scene, women now are winning a perception into the latest blouse trends. One

can go on choosing embroidery blouses designs, depending upon the demand of the occasion

she is about to wear in. Formal designs express some flat and neat stitches whereas the designers

infuse little jazzy motifs for any festive occasion.

If you are confident enough to display a desi avatar showing off your sexy torso then

embroidery designs for blouses back neck can be a bold fashion statement that will certainly

turn your appearance striking amidst the blunt appearances in a wedding party or in a festive

event. However, a minute survey can tell you that there are some typical blouse styles and

designs that are prevailing in the market. But if you stand out of the stereotypical fashion brigade

just carry forward the experiments.

For those, who love seizing the magical appeal of traditional designs embroideries are

nonetheless the best element to opt for. As discussed before, there are certain classifications in

embroidery designs and you must have a particular one that can complement your attitude. In

this case, an amalgamation of hand embroidery designs for blouses will be the smartest

solutions. Moreover, it has become essential for the fashionable women to stylize their

appearance with a touch of glamor.

Every embroidery design has something to say about the whole outfit and occasions that it has to

be worn on. So it is clear that the designs must be chosen with care.

hand work blouse


Blouse Designs

Blouses can really be some boisterous announcements of panache. They complete the ensemble and are the perfect companions to brighten up their mundane counterparts. Be it skirts, sarees or lehengas, only the right blouse will make your look stand out and sizzle in all its glory. Embroidered blouses are the way to go this season for their sheer grace! You can experiment so much with the necklines, the fit, the amalgamation of materials and the kind of embroidery that possibilities become endless. Helping you with the same, we have the perfect set of inspiration for you. You may thank us later!


blouse designs

Embroidery blouse

1. A perfect remembrance of Spring, this jersey base blouse with its cut-out detail is absolutely in vogue! The asymmetrical sequin embroidery adds a layer of sass to the whole blouse. It is certainly a contemporary take on our conventional blouses and shall prove to be a hit wherever you flaunt it. Ideal for box pleated skirts and solid coloured sarees, this blouse is a keeper!


pink blouse back

black work blouse

Blouse Embroidery Back design:

2. The season of revealing backs and plunging blouses is always in! With this zari work blouse having beaded embellishments, it is so easy to look fabulous. The embroidery on the back lifts the whole look up. Prancing in style with its dori closure, this outlook is worth a try.

black dori blouse

Cape Embroidery Crop Top:

3. Indulge in a gothic revival with this 3D Leather embroidery cape style blouse! We’ve seen many celebrities sport this trend and it is an absolute buzz. High on the style quotient, this style works great with simple and minimalist sarees and skirts to balance out the daintiness of this piece. Ahh! Lovestruck, already!


black cape

Boat neck embroidery blouse design:

4. This blouse certainly gives you the best of all possible worlds. With a subtle hint of the cold shoulder trend, a splash of net embroidery and the pantone colour, this piece is a work of art in itself. Coming in a closed boat neck with an array of adornments, this sublime piece is a stellar choice!